Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we hear from users and organizations. Have any questions not covered below? Email us at [email protected]

To measure the effectiveness of your BC program, or identify how and where to improve your BC program. Measurity is an industry-proven and focused approach to improve your BC program's growth and development as well as our model provides you with a return on your BC dollar's investment. In today's highly regulated and competitive environments, Measurity provides a differentiator - our our reports/output highlight strengths and opportunities, bettering your BC program and ultimately positioning the organization for continued success.

In addition to twenty-plus years of hands-on, real-life BC experience throughout Measurity's staff, our survey is a compilation of industry professional practices, Standards, requirements, regulations and guidelines that identify and measure what success could - and should - look like. Again, rather than the simple and outdated quantitative "do we do it?" checkbox mindset, Measurity's in-depth "how well do we do it?" approach allows for a targeted response to measurements and improvements, resulting in a highly resilient program and organization. The Measurity model’s hierarchical structure of three Categories and their supporting Dimensions and Sub-Dimensions is paramount to your program’s success. Measurity's cutting-edge solution also provides flexibility - our involvement in the BC space results in survey and model improvements as dictated and warranted.

The Measurity model provides a high-level overview of the current state of the BC program by engaging your end-users (your stakeholders!) that need to understand the organization's response and recovery strategies. Measurity's solution gives you a targeted approach for BC program focus and strength so you're not wasting resources and efforts on areas of low-value or areas that are already highly understood. Measurity's model will provide the BC program with a clear direction of where to focus efforts for better success and growth.

Yes. Measurity is not a true definition of a consultant or consultancy as most would define such, yet we do provide a dashboard (through our Reports) that will allow your organization to engage an additional resource to close gaps and make improvements to the BC program. Our twenty-plus years of real-life, hands-on BC practitioner experience allows Measurity to confidently state that we can help improve the effectiveness of your BC program. And, "Yes," we've developed a software - the first MaaS - to easily assist with our solution.

Measurity’s maturity model is a twenty-eight-question survey based on business continuity industry knowledge and real-word experiences – we’ve truly lived this, we’re not just software developers or sales people. While the survey is customizable, the model will always consist of our baseline questions, providing a foundational measurement and process across your organization and industry. Measurity is not – and does not strive to be – the next online survey tool. We realize that our software engages an organization’s employees, yet we are foremost a business continuity maturity model tool and will retain the business continuity focus at the present time. Customizations – such as add-ons and additional questions – may be limited based on our desired focus.

Measurity’s maturity model surveys can be distributed on any schedule that best aligns with your organization’s and program’s strategy. While there are no business continuity industry standards or requirements that dictate the frequency of measuring your program, best practice guidelines point to an annual assessment of effectiveness for your business continuity efforts and program.

Yes, multiple surveys can be open and operating at the same time. The Measurity software solution’s robustness and infrastructure allows for targeted models to run in-parallel. This functionality provides your organization with the ability to have a department-specific approach, for example.

The Measurity maturity model is a twenty-eight-question survey that is expected to take approximately thirty-five minutes to complete. Thirty-five minutes once a year, unless you decide otherwise, is a small requirement to ensure the effectiveness of your organization’s business continuity program. Individuals taking the Measurity maturity model are also able to save their progress and exit the survey at any time and return to complete the survey where they left-off.

Realizing that Measurity is not “typical,” the cycle for a maturity model assessment takes approximately two months. After the initial identification of your organization’s goal for each Dimension and Sub-Dimension, Measurity designs the survey for each of your identified respondents. We strongly suggest that a model remain open for a minimum of two weeks to allow for the highest number of responses. Once the target group has completed their model, the analysis and reporting are quickly completed, providing you and your organization with the targeted approach for gap identification.

Yes, Measurity takes your organization’s security very seriously – as we do with our own. We incorporate all industry standard practices and run our infastructure on Heroku/Amazon Web Services. All data is secured in transit and at rest and we offer specialized database partioning for clients that want complete isolation. Measurity is also GPDR compliant.

Yes, Measurity’s e-mails are employee-specific, targeted by-name to each individual. Additionally, Measurity’s maturity model incorporates such technologies/assurances as DKIM, SPF, and are sent by audited infastructure. All our emails are authenticated and validated.

There is no limit to the number of individuals that can complete our maturity model. The technology of the Measurity tool allows for any number of employees to be surveyed and analyze their responses – providing you and your organization with the most comprehensive outcome possible.

Measurity is adamant about your organization’s security, confidentiality and anonymity. While a significant piece of our solution is industry comparisons, we would NEVER identify your company by name, nor would we ever sell your identified results to another organization. Your confidence and trust in Measurity are the simple – yet paramount – keys to our success.

Measurity will NEVER sell the contact information of the employees (or any related details) of your organization – period. Your confidence and trust in Measurity are the simple – yet paramount – keys to our success.

Measurity will NEVER market to – nor contact – your organization’s distribution list outside of your maturity model process. We support your program and schedule and will not reach-out to individuals of your company without your knowledge and approval.

Yes, the Measurity maturity model software is accessible from any device and has been developed to be optimized for any screen.

Measurity’s maturity model is a cloud-based solution – the FIRST MaaS (Maturity as a Service) offering! You only need an Internet connection to complete the Measurity maturity model – clicking on the link in your personalized and targeted e-mail.

The strength of Measurity’s maturity model is the ability to analyze responses based on criteria identified by both your organization and Measurity – as reflects in the customizable filters in your reports. While tracking does not identify responses at an individual level, Measurity does look at department and role for analysis.

Measurity’s maturity model is like nothing you have seen or experienced before. Any organization that has a business continuity presence needs to better understand and measure the effectiveness of their efforts. Measurity has created a solution to QUALITATIVELY measure the effectiveness of your business continuity program. We have replaced the antiquated “do we do it?” quantitative checkbox approach to provide the “how well do we do it?” answer!

Organizations spend money on many things – and business continuity is no exception. Whether a percentage of the IT budget, or a stand-alone entity within your organization, the dollars spent on business continuity ensure that you can respond, recover and resume from any event or interruption that may have financial, operational and/or reputational impact. Measurity’s maturity model provides your organization with a QUALITATIVE assessment of the effectiveness of your business continuity program – allowing you to target resources to areas that need improvement and maintaining accountability across your organization. Measurity assists with justifying the business continuity program’s existence.

Measurity’s maturity model is the all-encompassing product and process – information gathering, analysis and reporting. The Measurity survey is our twenty-eight questions that provide your organization with the foundation and effectiveness measure of your business continuity program.

Yes, Measurity reports are customizable. Our reports are the strength of our model and you can filter your results to best align with your organization’s program and desired strategy.