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Qualitative business continuity analysis

Say goodbye to checkboxes. Measurity helps create insightful feedback for your organization.

Assess. Identify. Improve. Repeat.

Measurity is a repeatable process that creates accountability with directed insight into key practices through our web-based assessment software.

Measurity is a powerful, proprietary, structured, focused and proven web-based software designed to measure the qualitative effectiveness of your business continuity practices.

Measurity’s maturity model provides organizations with the ability to define organizational goals and assess enterprises-wide efforts of the business continuity program. Our model ensures that key processes are understood and, more importantly, optimized across your organization.

Measurity is:

  • Scalable: easily applied to any organization, any size

  • Intuitive: user friendly with minimal onboarding time and accessible through your mobile device or PC

  • Actionable: identify specific opportunities for improvement

  • Accountable: determine the amount and direction of resources for strategy success and valued ROI

  • Secure: all of your data is protected end-to-end at all points

  • Personalized: custom branding for your organization creates familiarity and comfort

  • Easy to Use: Measurity’s web-based, straight-forward software offers a seamless implementation with a targeted approach across your organization

Measurity is NOT:

  • a plan design, development, maintenance or administration tool
  • a formalized recovery strategy
  • a self-assessed ‘pat on the back’
  • a crisis notification tool
  • a consulting service
  • the antiquated “do we do it?” checkbox approach
  • like anything that you’ve seen or used before!



Measurity’s web-hosted maturity model software is conveniently on-demand; you’re accessing our latest and greatest – we’re the FIRST Maturity as a Service!

Data Integration

Measurity’s interface supports data import from key industry HRMS applications, ensuring accurate model preparation

+1.844.MSURITY (678-7489)

Measurity is a proprietary, structured and proven approach to manage and improve business continuity programs.
The Measurity maturity model provides a qualitative assessment to measure key metrics and report on goal alignment and identification of opportunities for improvement.

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