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About Measurity

Measurity strongly believes that the business continuity industry, and organizations, have focused for too long on the wrong measures of success, if at all.

Our Mission

Business continuity programs are a necessity at all organizations, yet the measurements of “do we do it?” versus a qualitative “how well do we do it?” have been inaccurately assessing program maturity. We have designed and implemented an industry-leading and proprietary maturity model for effective business continuity program maturity measurement. We have merged years of business continuity expertise with top notch technology development to produce a scalable, intuitive, secure, personalized and easy-to-use solution. Measurity will always strive to deliver the best solution for our customers and their needs, with a reasonable cost of ownership and an impressive return on investment.

Our History

Measurity was formally founded in 2018 by business continuity and technology development professionals with a strong drive and passion for creating our tool. We understood that the current measurements do not provide the best-in-practice solution for the industry and this mindset had us needing to answer one question: how can we better measure the effectiveness of an organization’s business continuity program, and therefore ensure a higher probability of recovery and a decreased financial, operational and reputational impacts? Measurity.

+1.844.MSURITY (678-7489)

Measurity is a proprietary, structured and proven approach to manage and improve business continuity programs.
The Measurity maturity model provides a qualitative assessment to measure key metrics and report on goal alignment and identification of opportunities for improvement.

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